11 Sep


Yesterday we saw the message from legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia on FaceBook. Danny spent the morning messaging his fans and hearing their thoughts on the day and I suppose it gradually worked its way to becoming this: He thought it would be nice if we could all get together and pay respect to their lives by celebrating life. What a beautiful idea that was, what better way  to acknowledge them and this day.

I have no idea how it happened but magically this event came together in a matter of hours and for FREE, thank you very much Republican Party – You’ve stolen no money from my ass today. Danny  gave the address to his studio and rehearsal space in queens to the public and the next thing we knew we were in DT’s fucking HOUSE dancing our asses off while he turned it inside out. It was brilliant.

I just wanted to acknowledge the one person who did the right thing today (and did it for free when he could have made a fucking fortune and it still would have been worth it to me to go) and actually helped provide us with a better thing to remember about 9/11 than what i LOST.

Only House Music can lift a spirit like that. Thanks for the mitzvah, Danny. I’ll post pictures and video asap.


p.s. Thank you for playing my request! You turned it the fuck out so so so so much fun.


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